NOVA Transition Blacktown – we're all here for the same purpose

We've got a common purpose at NOVA Transition Blacktown. Our trainees work together and respect each other’s differences. Most importantly, at Blacktown we understand that we’re all here to support one another to find and keep a great job!

Trainees are aware that attending NOVA Transition is good practice for entering employment, so they attend punctually, dress appropriately, speak and behave as though they are in a workplace, comply with Workplace Health & Safety regulations, and complete all units in a nationally recognised Certificate 1 qualification. 

Trainees enjoy attending NOVA Transition in Blacktown because they: 

  • develop good relationships with fellow trainees 
  • enjoy doing work experience in different industries  
  • meet and socialise with other NOVA trainees from other outlets 
  • develop good social and interpersonal communication skills 
  • build confidence and self-esteem.  

Blacktown supports young people with different barriers to work and from many cultural backgrounds. This year, our many trainees have range of family backgrounds, including from Europe, Pacific Islands, Asia and the Middle East. They have barriers such as Asperger’s Syndrome, hearing impairment, vision impairment, and learning and intellectual disabilities. 

Over the years we have had trainees determined to learn and develop the skills needed to become job-ready, as well as trainees who don’t quite understand why they are at NOVA Transition. Our teaching, persistence and support encourages a shift in attitude that paves the way for trainees to gain the skills required to find open employment.  

Our extensive work experience program helps our trainees identify their job choices. Through various work placements, they learn about different industries and the tasks involved in various roles. From this they match their skills and interests and can start to make informed choices about their careers. We also invite guest speakers from a range of industries and support networks. 

The biggest achievement of all is when a trainee comes to the end of their journey ...

... where they have:

  • demonstrated competencies in all areas of job readiness
  • learnt and developed the necessary skills required to seek, gain and sustain mainstream employment, and
  • found a job of their choice.


Want to achieve like these trainees have? Contact NOVA Transition Blacktown:

Unit 4 & 5
18 Third Avenue

Ph: (02) 8886 1700

Blacktown graduates, 2015


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