Springwood NOVA Transition – impacting the future careers of young people with a disability

The NOVA Transition branch at Springwood has a direct, positive impact on trainees’ future careers and lives. The creativity of our staff and small numbers in our program mean we can customise much of the teaching to suit individual trainees.

Springwood trainees learn many skills that they put into practice during work placements. NOVA Transition has a great relationship with local businesses, who understand the importance of excellent work experience. Our trainees have completed work experience at IGA and Coles supermarkets, and Pink Papaya Café. 

Our training is interesting and varied, and designed to break down barriers previously felt by young people with a disability. 

Here’s what our trainees have to say:

  • ‘I am learning more things than I did at school.’ (Josh)
  • ‘I am learning about real employment through work experience I am doing.’ (Chris)
  • ‘I enjoy coming to NOVA Transition because I am meeting and making new friends.’ (Eden)

Check out Harry’s story to hear about how a focused and enthusiastic trainee can gain open employment in the Blue Mountains. 

Want to find out more about how we prepare young people with a disability for the workforce?
Contact NOVA Transition Springwood:

127 Macquarie Street

Ph: (02) 4752 3000

Springwood TTW Graduates, 2015


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