Slipping smoothly into the workforce

To begin with, Nick was reluctant to come to NOVA Transition after finishing at Kogarah High School. But, with encouragement, he came – and he’s glad he did: by the end of his first year, he was ready to start looking for a job. 

A work experience position on the loading dock at Big W Rockdale turned into paid casual employment in 2015. Then, in 2016, Nick started work as a yard hand and car detailer at Stewart Toyota, Rockdale. 

Nick prides himself in his attention to detail when cleaning cars, as well as being able to work in a fast-paced environment, and under pressure. He moves cars around the workshop, cleans and maintains the storage rooms and liaises with his supervisors, managers and the mechanics. 


Determination Pays Paul

A full 442 hours of work experience put Paul from NOVA Transition’s Bankstown outlet in good stead to find a full-time job.

But not before he had to overcome the steep hurdles of struggling with speech and stuttering when he got nervous. After missing out on jobs from his first two interviews, Paul maintained a ‘can do’ attitude, went to the next interview and gave it his best. His hard work and determination saw him land full-time work in a local manufacturing business!


Contact with people and extra money!

The best aspects of work for Lino, who graduated from Liverpool NOVA Transition in 2016, are working with her colleagues and having extra money. She works five hours per day, three days per week as a housekeeper at a local motel.

Lino also enjoys the active nature of her job, which is exactly what she liked about the NOVA Transition training. "Travel training was the best part of Transition for me because I like to get out of the office, exploring," Lino said. During the two-year program, she also appreciated NOVA staff’s help with goal setting and improving her communication.


Award-wage employment for Brayden

Another young man now in employment through NOVA Transition Richmond is Brayden. After trialing a number of industries, Brayden gained work experience in the laundry of a local nursing home. This job suited him well as he likes order in his life and enjoyed working with the other staff. They enjoyed him being there as well and could see he was trying his hardest, improving his skills and also learning new ones.

Brayden’s work experience evolved into paid employment. Now he works two shifts per week folding towels and clothes, emptying driers, sorting clothing and delivering clean laundry to the residents. For Brayden, the best aspect of work is earning money so that he can save.


From playground to workroom to employment

'The thing with NOVA Employment is that they have this professionalism but also genuine care that you feel from day one,' says Randa, mother of one of the graduates from NOVA Transition Rockdale. Her son, Richard, has autism and was quite a challenge even for the experienced NOVA staff.

According to Richard’s NOVA job coach, Richard had to learn that the NOVA office wasn’t a playground but a workroom, so they put tough measures in place to help him see it like as such. The key to the success of these tough measures, and other tactics to improve Richard’s readiness for work, was strong communication between his parents and the NOVA Rockdale staff. Their collective focus was to find Richard award-wage work in a job that he enjoyed.


Confidence the key

Before Branden started at NOVA Transition at Campbelltown, he had trouble leaving his home and making friends. But after attending the two-year program for school leavers with a disability, he now has no trouble with either.

After completing three different work placements at local tyre fitters, Branden and his NOVA work-placement team decided that his limited dexterity made a job match difficult in the auto industry. His love of the outdoors and interest in hands-on work pointed towards employment in a nursery.


Actively work towards your goals

One of the success stories at NOVA Transition Liverpool is Nuradin, a caring and generous young man with a great smile. During his time in Australia, he has overcome many challenges by thinking positively and actively working towards his goals.


Six years’ service to the one employer

John has worked at his local golf club for several years. He got this job through performing well at his work-experience placement, which is not surprising because one of his employment goals was to work outside. The parts of his work that John enjoys the most are driving the ride-on mower, doing the bunkers and working with other staff. 


Local work that's right up Harry's alley 

'Mum and I didn't think I'd get a job straight away after school so I decided to see if Springwood NOVA Transition could help me prepare. It certainly did!' said Harry. The two-year program helped him:

  • improve his computer skills
  • dress appropriately for work
  • improve his handshake and general communication
  • believe in himself.

Towards the end of the program, Harry was confident he could get a job.

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