Independence is important

Independence is Important for People with Disability

At Hurstville NOVA Transition we think independence affects every aspect of our lives, including travel, chores, leisure, health and education. When you’re independent, it’s easier to find and keep a job.

Being independent also changes the way we feel about ourselves. At Hurstville NOVA we trainees have developed self-confidence when we’ve learnt to be in control of our own safety, be responsible for pets or do our own laundry. With more independence, we rely less on other people and can help others when we how something is done. It can make you feel powerful!

Travel training

At NOVA Transition, trainees learn how to travel independently. To do this we research different travel options on Google Maps and Transport NSW, checking timetables, access and prices.

Whenever we go somewhere as a group, we catch public transport so that people can practise going to new places by train and bus.  NOVA’s travel training also involves helping a trainee access work experience, if they’re not familiar with the route or transport options. The Job Coach will meet a trainee in a particular place at a certain time and travel with them to the place they need to go. The aim is to enable the trainee to feel comfortable travelling to the work-experience placement on their own.

Six lives changed!

Short of job seekers, long on jobs, the lives of a further 6 people were changed today as they entered the workforce (2 for the first time). Previous blog posts have spoken to the need for new job seekers and the increased and improving demand for NOVA's assistance in placing people who have a disability into what is referred to in the trade as 'open employment' - that's a job just like everyone else, same pay and conditions, same expectations and responsibilities, same rights.

Just the best!

The video below shows off our 2015 Transition to Work graduation night.

The team at NOVA Employment are the finest men and women I have ever known and their achievements in transforming the lives of so many leave me at a loss for words.

To everyone that supported us and particularly to the terrific trainees who worked so hard to earn their place in the workforce - well done and thank you for your inspiration.

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