Staff roles: NOVA Transition

Staff roles: NOVA Transition

Staff roles: NOVA Transition


Job Coaches

Every office is facilitated by experienced and trained Job Coaches who help each trainee to establish their interests, skills and goals. They also ensure trainee well being during Transition. It is the role of the Job Coach to get the trainee ready for the workplace. 

Work Placement Coaches

When trainees have completed their first preliminary work placements in a variety of 'taster' industries, they begin to narrow down their choices by working with the Work Placement Coaches. Work Placement Coaches look for relevant work experience that has the potential of turning into a paid position.

NOVA DES Team: Employment Consultants

NOVA Employment is a Disability Employment Service that works with adults with disabilities to help them find and keep award-wage jobs. Trainees begin to work with the local NOVA Disability Employment staff at the end of their first year at TTW. During their second year, trainees work with an assigned Employment Consultant and Job Coach to find and maintain suitable employment. 

NOVA TTW Management Team

NOVA Transition is supervised by a dedicated and passionate team. Anne Goyer, Training and Development Manager, heads the Transition to Work program. She is assisted by Transition Manager Terry McAuliffe and NOVA Transition Coordinators Meg Elliott and Leisha Distefano. Click here to learn about the TTW Management Team 

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