Find your transferable skills and stand tall

Find your transferable skills and stand tall

Find your transferable skills and stand tall

Corey, a second-year trainee at Engadine NOVA Transition has come a long way since he first started at NOVA. He and his Job Coach Karen explain how transferable skills helped him on the journey and how Corey learned how to identify his transferable skills.

But first: what are transferable skills? They’re any skills and abilities you have acquired during your life that you can use in a job. You might have developed these skills and abilities anywhere – at school, in leisure activities like reading, hobbies or sports; at home or at NOVA Transition. The trick is to see how you could use them in a job.

Corey: 'I had no idea about transferable skills until I came to NOVA. My Job Coach Karen taught us all about transferable skills and how we could use them to make realistic job choices. You might say, "I am not good at anything but I play sport." Karen says, "If you play sport then you are obviously a team player, friendly and committed. Those skills are very important in the workplace. Maybe you could try work experience in retail, as you have to be part of a team."

'We all have skills and talents that we can use in work experience. When I first came to NOVA I did not know anything about how to get a job or even what I wanted to do. Since being at Transition I can hold my own conversation with a boss about work and what to do. I also now know a lot about hospitality and retail and the rules that go with it.

'I hope to be an apprentice baker. I love to cook and have a flair for baking. Karen puts me in charge of our cooking team. As well as having cooking skills, I have learnt a lot about shopping for ingredients with a budget. Karen also got me work experience in hospitality and we are waiting for some work experience at a bakery.'

At NOVA Transition we work on identifying existing transferable skills and developing more – like budgeting and communication skills, for example. We also look for work experience opportunities that will complement trainees’ existing skills and abilities. During work experience, trainees apply their transferrable skills to a particular role, as well as learning about the tasks involved.

Corey: 'Now I know more than I ever thought I could understand in my life. I feel like I can work like everyone else and I can’t wait to be in the workforce. Thanks to NOVA I can now stand tall even though I am short.'

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