Customer service

Customer service


Determination and hard work pays off 

Jouvah was keen to find a paid job when he started at St Marys NOVA Transition. Although he was very quiet – he describes himself as shy, and used to sweat when interacting with others – he dreamed of working in retail.

Jouvah faced a big hurdle: he struggled with time management and was routinely late to Transition and work experience placements. Being on time is essential in retail work. So, together with his job coach, Jouvah started setting goals about managing his time.


Growing confident and independent

At school, Alex did work experience at an Australian Disability Enterprise. But her Grandmother, Rosa, felt that Alex could work in open employment. She brought Alex to meet Penrith NOVA Transition and, two years on, Alex has a job with Folklore Patchwork.

As a retail assistant, Alex helps with cleaning, folding fabrics, and sorting them into colour groups. She also helps customers attending sewing classes to find the right material or thread.


From quiet to working in communication!

As part of NOVA Transition St Marys, Kallina completed work-experience placements in retail, computers and administration. She enjoyed being part of a team but these roles didn’t quite suit her.

When Kallina first started with NOVA in 2015, she was very shy and didn’t speak in public. However, by her second year in the program, her confidence and communication had improved so much that she started looking for work involving communication!


Managers’ Right-hand Man

While he was at NOVA Transition Richmond, Chris was known as ‘everyone’s friend’. He was the guy that would settle disputes in the training room and the guy whose family made cakes for special events so Chris could proudly hand them around.

And now he is the guy – in fact, the right-hand man for the manager at his local Coles supermarket. Employed in April 2016 as a service assistant Chris currently works 15 hours a week spread across five days. His boss says she couldn’t do without him. ‘He is reliable, trustworthy and friendly. When I walk around the shop checking on what needs doing, Chris is right beside me following up on all that needs to be done.’


Reliability number one asset

How did Daniel get a Retail Traineeship?

According to Daniel, 'I just did the work experience and they liked me so much they actually offered me a job.'

It was a little more complicated than that. Daniel attended NOVA’ s Transition program designed to prepare school leavers with a disability for employment. It's normally, a two-year program full of work experience, industry visits, and training about employer expectations, but Daniel found work in just six months! This has to be something of a record for NOVA’ s Penrith outlet.


Job coaches believe in their job seekers

Since July 2013, Saanvi has worked up to four days per week at her local Mitre 10 hardware store. She enjoys serving customers, and stacking and pricing stock. In the time she has been at Mitre 10, she has become more confident and now chats readily with customers when they enter the store. 


Life’s just fine when you’ve got your dream job

When she first started at NOVA Transition in Campbelltown, Kayla remembers telling her job coach that she wanted to work on the Manly Ferries. NOVA job coaches have to be both optimistic and realistic, ensuring that they help the trainees aim high with their employment goals while at the same focusing on available work. But still, they weren’t sure that Kayla could pull this one off!

So everyone was happy when Kayla landed her role at Manly Fast Ferries.


Work experience turns into paid employment

When Kamran learnt that his work experience had turned into paid employment, he was relieved and happy, in fact he was over the moon! Over the past few months, he’s been learning many different aspects of the business at Punchys Gym, including administration, personal training and customer service. He enjoys being sporty and getting sweaty, so this is the perfect role for Kamran.


Work helps develop confidence

If you head to Katoomba RSL you’re likely to be greeted by Cody. He’s almost part of the furniture, having worked as a doorman since 2011. His jobs include greeting people on arrival, helping them sign in and generally answering any questions patrons might have. It took about a year before Cody became completely comfortable with this role but now he revels in it.

Cody enjoys the company of his colleagues, who make him laugh, and the very friendly atmosphere of his workplace. Paid employment means he can take his family out for dinner, and buy more Christmas and birthday presents. To hear more about Cody’s work, watch this video.


Job matching makes everyone happy

Event and Hospitality Manager at the Capitol Theatre, Brett needed a bar attendant and advertised the position. His main concern when employing a staff member through NOVA Employment was that the Capitol Theatre would be a safe and enjoyable environment for them to work in. Employment Consultant Anita from Engadine NOVA understood. She made sure she found the right candidate. 

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