Leading the way

‘My work is fun, exhilarating. Never a dull moment,’ says Lochlan, who now works as a café assistant Michel’s Patisserie.

Being at Rouse Hill NOVA Transition was a good way to learn about work, he says, explaining that his NOVA training and work experience helped him to gain skills in customer service, time management and organisation.

Transition staff supported him to develop the confidence, stamina and flexibility required for working life – and to become comfortable with practical tasks, like catching the bus.

His favourite parts of Transition training were work experience and industry visits, as well as the Pathways days. ‘Industry visits and Pathways events gave me the confidence to catch a bus by myself,’ he says.

In fact, Lochlan got a job 18 months into his Transition training. ‘I’m the first one out of my Transition class to get a job!’ he says. Trainees are offered two years at Transition to become job ready but, when they show skill, aptitude and enthusiasm, they often get jobs earlier.

Lochie had done work experience with several different employers, but during his placement at Michel’s it became clear that this was the perfect fit and he was offered a job. Now he enjoys meeting new people every day and having friends at work.

The biggest challenge for Lochlan in this fast-paced workplace is the occasional pressure to complete a task very quickly, but, he adds, ‘That’s pretty normal if you have a job.’ He deals with it by taking a deep breath and getting on with it.

His message to other people with disability seeking pathways to employment is clear: ‘Just go for it! Nothing is impossible. Pushing yourself beyond your limits is just the beginning.’ NOVA Employment will support you to do this in a safe, yet challenging environment.


Want to develop the confidence, stamina and flexibility required for working life? 

To discuss your options, call NOVA Transition on 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).  

NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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