Not just a job, an achievable, realistic, sustainable, suitable career

Not just a job, an achievable, realistic, sustainable, suitable career

Not just a job, an achievable, realistic, sustainable, suitable career

NOVA Transition Liverpool has some bright new stars this year with the drive and ambition to go out and get not just a job but create an achievable, realistic, sustainable, suitable career!

Already in 2017, the first-year trainees have expanded their knowledge and gained confidence to go out into the workforce. We’re learning how to achieve our goals!

So, how do we achieve our goals?

At Nova Transition the job coaches help us gain skills during work experience, for example retail, administration and hospitality; however, we also do work experience in warehousing, trades and care work. When we go to work experience the employer expects us to follow their instructions when doing a task. All trainees must follow safety guidelines and report all hazards to their supervisor.

After work experience we receive employer feedback reports, using the feedback to improve our resumes and add the employer as a referee.

We use work booklets to learn about work health and safety, living independently, interview skills, writing resumes, preparing for work experience – everything you need to know about finding and keeping a job.

It’s vital to learn how to travel safely and efficiently to and from work placement locations. Job coaches help trainees apply for opal cards, as well as disability support pension and youth allowance.

Researching different industries is important to our learning the different work options available to us.

We have discussed the six national disability standards and now understand the importance of each standard and how it benefits us as trainees.

Other topics we’ve covered so far, include:

  •     personal hygiene
  •     communication skills
  •     time management
  •     healthy eating/cooking
  •     team building
  •     building friendships
  •     bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Building all of these skills helps us to set achievable, realistic, sustainable, suitable goals. Because you can’t achieve them unless you know what they are!

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