Industry visit has Rouse Hill trainees blooming

Industry visit has Rouse Hill trainees blooming

Industry visit has Rouse Hill trainees blooming

It was all roses for the Rouse Hill NOVA Transition trainees on a recent industry visit to Flowers for Everyone in the Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Industry visits are just one of the ways that NOVA trainees learn about what's really involved in the world of work. Now we have a much better understanding about careers in floristry – and whether or not that's something we are interested in.

The Manager, Rebecca, and staff member Elizabeth were wonderful and taught us so much about the art of floristry and becoming a florist, as well as budgeting and business.

We had a store tour, and the staff demonstrated how to do flower arrangements: stems are trimmed to the same length and bouquets are set up in a rotating spiral. Leaves are removed to prevent bacteria from growing when they’re in water. Sometimes florists use glitter to decorate flowers, or even inject dye!

Florists have to meet sales targets and plan ahead to order enough flowers. The Rouse Hill store gets deliveries three times a week. Independent florists have to go to the flower market at 2am!

Most of the flowers are grown overseas (e.g. in India, Japan, Thailand and Africa), then boxed up and sent to Australia by plane. Florists store flowers in the fridge storeroom at 7°C. The water is changed three times a week to stop bacteria growing and spoiling the flowers.

We learned that bouquets are priced per stem. One we saw was valued at $70.

Being a florist is more physically demanding than you might think: you have to stand all day for nine or 10 hours and lift heavy things, and your hands can get strained and stressed from thorns and stripping off leaves.

The best way to learn to be a florist is through a traineeship, so you have hands-on work plus study at TAFE. You have to learn the common names and botanical names of flowers. It takes one to two years to become qualified.

At the end of our tour, we were each given a rose!


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