Hands-on learning at Westmead Hospital

Hands-on learning at Westmead Hospital

Hands-on learning at Westmead Hospital

“The best industry visit ever!” was how trainee’s at Penrith NOVA Transition described a recent visit to the cardio unit at Westmead Hospital.

Here at Nova, we believe that experiential learning is critical to our trainees’ success in progressing to employment. It’s a philosophy shared by Tony, a technical officer in the cardio unit, who had some awesome activities for us.

Tony works with electronics and metal in his workshop to make pieces of equipment used in heart surgery. We were expecting him to give us a tour of the vet hospital and show how his work helps the medical staff perform procedures.

But, wow! We were we surprised when we arrived: he had us using a remotely controlled robot that he’d built. Four controls on the handset made the robot go up and down, then side to side.

The task for the trainees was to get the robot to pick up little metal blocks and move them to a container. It took some doing – and many of them worked in a team.

Tony also had the trainees making metal tags, stamped with their initials. They used the drill and a metal letter punch. It was wonderful seeing everyone so involved and engaged in the project.

Then Tony gave an inspiring speech about how much he loved the industry he worked in, and that anything is possible.

It truly was a fabulous industry visit: the trainees were all upbeat and inspired after talking with Tony.

“It was the best industry visit ever!”

“That was so interesting.”

“We loved the robot and making the tags.”

“That robot was so cool!”

We thank Tony so much for his time and his willingness to show us how much he enjoys his job.


Penrith NOVA Transition

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