NOVA prepares him for the world of work

Jordan was so ready for work at the beginning of his second year at NOVA Transition that he was placed into a full-time office-administration position in May.

NOVA ensures that young people with disability get all the time they need to become work ready. We don’t hold you back and we don’t rush you. Job coaches get to know trainees well enough to help you decide when the time is right.


A valued staff member

‘I just felt amazed that they would accept me,’ said Riley about being offered a job at Snap Printing. Clearly, Riley was more valuable than he had imagined: in fact, his boss, Peter, had created a position so that he could stay on at the business after completing work experience there.

‘Riley is very good at routine, and once he knows the routine he sticks to it pretty well. For example, every morning a courier brings in jobs from our factory and Riley knows that he’s got to grab them before anyone else does and unpack them; check them for quality control – he’s very good at quality control – he picks up stuff that I wouldn’t pick up,’ Peter says.


Growing in more ways than one

Hayden learnt about NOVA Employment on the radio, so decided to go along to a Pathways to Employment event in Bankstown to see what they could do for him. He enrolled with Bankstown NOVA Transition, and the rest is history! The 19-year-old from Potts Hill now works near home as an administration assistant for the Quest Realty Group.


Work placement leads to employment

After just two months in NOVA’s Blacktown Transition program, Jenna’s employment goals were to work in a library or administration. So, towards the end of the program, NOVA’s Work Placement Team started looking for work experience in this area on her behalf. 

For three years now, Jenna’s been employed with Blacktown Women’s Health Centre as Office Administration Assistant.


Five years in the job – it's all good!

It wasn’t hard to identify administration as the right career choice for Jerome. Although he’d also done work experience in retail, administration and hospitality, administrative tasks were what he enjoyed most.

After graduating from St Marys NOVA Transition in late 2011, Jerome started an administration traineeship at Doors Plus. Five years later, he’s still there, working weekdays from 9am to 1pm. He and his employer couldn’t be happier.


Work experience is important

In her work experience with NOVA Transition at Liverpool, Jasmin enjoyed administration tasks the best, such as scanning, typing and using the computer. So when it came to narrowing down her job choices, admin was her first choice. She had also completed work experience in hospitality, childcare and retail.

Now she works full-time two days’ per week in the office of a doctor’s surgery, and couldn’t be happier. She enjoys the role of customer service the best.


Persistence Pays

Christian had always wanted to work in a mailroom so the team at NOVA Transition organised a work-experience placement at NSW Fire and Rescue for one day per week.

During the one-month trial in general administration, Christian completed all the tasks given to him well within the allocated time frames. His roles included archiving diaries and journals from the fire stations around NSW and preparing them for storage.


From very shy to speechmaker!

Domenic started at NOVA Transition Katoomba half way through 2010. He was a shy, softly spoken young man who struggled to clearly say what he wanted to say. 

One of his interests was sport, especially football. To accommodate his individual interest, NOVA Katoomba started a footy tipping competition between trainees and staff. It was Domenic’s job to email staff about upcoming games then communicate the results after the weekend. Staff would seek him out to discuss football and to put in their week’s tips. This made him more comfortable at NOVA. He became more talkative, began greeting people when he saw them and joking with others.


One of his employer’s best workers

The best aspects of working for Phillip are saving money and making good friends. He gets nervous when offered more hours as a coder at Australia Post because any change is hard for Phillip, but last Christmas he rose to the challenge by thinking, ‘It’s Christmas. People need their letters and presents on time.’


Proud to have a full-time job at 20!

‘Not a lot of 20-year-olds can say they have a full-time job already,’ says Luke, who graduated from Rouse Hill NOVA Transition in 2015. But he’s proud to say that he works five days a week from 8.30 to 5 at the reception desk of the Westmead Hospital Research and Education Network. Apart from attending the desk and car parking, he is on hand to help with administration tasks, such as putting together information for the new staff orientation. 


A reliable worker

When she first started paid employment, Karlie used to count every payslip that came in. Now she's been there so long she doesn't even bother!

Karlie works two days per week in administration for an aged care service.

Her job involves filing, photocopying, franking the mail and typing documents. She has her own computer at her desk and recently celebrated working in this job for three years! She says the best part of her job is filing. She calls herself the Filing King! Fellow staff say she always files documents correctly.

Karlie got her job through work experience while completing training at NOVA Transition Campbelltown. Karlie's employer liked her attitude and her work so they asked if she would like a paid position. Karlie said, Yes, please! 


Want support to find a great job that pays award wages?

To discuss your options, call NOVA Transition on 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).   

NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.


Respected and appreciated by the other staff 

Chris graduated from Ingleburn’s NOVA Transition program in 2012. Now he sorts the mail at the corporate office of the Whiddon Group in Glenfield. He works four hours a day five days per week and enjoys the friendly people at his workplace. 

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