Finding a great disability employment service

A disability employment service is there to help you get a job. But are you happy with just any old job? Do you want a job doing something you like? Do you want to work somewhere that you feel valued? Do you want to work as many hours as you are able to?

Different employment services take different approaches to supporting people with a disability. Some will find you a job – any job – as quickly as possible, even if it’s not the right sort of job for you. 

Others will work with you to find out your interests and skills. They will look for jobs that match your needs and the hours you want to work. We know that you are much more likely to find a job that’s right for you with this second approach. And you’re more likely to stay in the job.

So how can you tell which employment service to sign up with?

Hands-on learning at Westmead Hospital

“The best industry visit ever!” was how trainee’s at Penrith NOVA Transition described a recent visit to the cardio unit at Westmead Hospital.

Here at Nova, we believe that experiential learning is critical to our trainees’ success in progressing to employment. It’s a philosophy shared by Tony, a technical officer in the cardio unit, who had some awesome activities for us.

Tony works with electronics and metal in his workshop to make pieces of equipment used in heart surgery. We were expecting him to give us a tour of the vet hospital and show how his work helps the medical staff perform procedures.

Industry visit has Rouse Hill trainees blooming

It was all roses for the Rouse Hill NOVA Transition trainees on a recent industry visit to Flowers for Everyone in the Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Industry visits are just one of the ways that NOVA trainees learn about what's really involved in the world of work. Now we have a much better understanding about careers in floristry – and whether or not that's something we are interested in.

The Manager, Rebecca, and staff member Elizabeth were wonderful and taught us so much about the art of floristry and becoming a florist, as well as budgeting and business.

Camden trainees visit the Sydney Opera House

Last week, our Camden office went on an industry visit to the Sydney Opera House. Here is what one of our trainees, Naomi had to say about the experience:

Let's cook! Life in a commercial kitchen

Getting to know more about the industries we might work in is really important for NOVA Transition trainees. We enjoy having guest speakers from our local area to talk about what happens in their workplace.

At NOVA Windsor we have such a great space and love to share it with other outlets so in February we invited the Rouse Hill and Richmond trainees over to join us in hosting our guest speaker Tracy Housten from Pepe’s Ducks.

Tracy is a chef by trade and has been in food industry for 32 years. She is currently Product and Development Manager for Pepe’s Ducks here in South Windsor. 

82 young people with disability graduated from Transition to Work

Last year 82 young people with disability graduated from NOVA Transition. We're very proud of them.

Of the 82 graduates, 75 got award-wage employment and seven went on to further education. Nine graduates found apprenticeships and eight were placed into traineeships. Six graduates are working full-time – that's 38 hours per week. For more information on the graduation event, please read here.

NOVA Transition Graduation 2016

On the 7th of December, 2016 we held our annual NOVA Transition Graduation. This event celebrates the achievements of 74 young people living with a disability over their 2 year program. NOVA Transition is an intensive program which has a strong focus on job readiness and employment outcomes. During this time, our participants take part in over 150 hours of work experience, intensive one on one workshops designed to gain employment as well as learning about interview skills, how to design their resume and how to act in the workplace. This is done in conjunction with a nationally recognised qualification being a Certificate 1 in Workplace Education.

Exciting preparations for the 2016 graduation

There has been a buzz in the training rooms at Nova Transition as the year winds up and the graduation of our hardworking second year participants rapidly approaches.

A graduation is always an exciting time, and here at Nova Transition we always have a lot to celebrate at each year’s ceremony as our cohort of trainees graduate with a Certificate I in Work Education.

Learning from past trainees

Whenever they get the chance, Transition to Work groups love to hear from their graduates – people who have found a job and worked in it for a while, then come back and speak to the current trainees. The group at Penrith recently discussed what they learn from hearing these returning graduates.

Meet Simon

Meet Simon. Simon left NOVA Transition over three years ago when we found him a job at Target in Broadway. Simon is still an employee there and is working over 15 hours a week. Simon always gave 100 per cent in his program and is one of the most hardworking and pleasant young men to come through the program.

What is School Leaver Employment Supports?

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out throughout Sydney, the state-funded Transition to Work Program is being gradually transformed into the School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES). The School Leaver Employment Supports is a national program under the NDIS which is in fact based on NOVA's very own Transition to Work Program. The SLES focuses on supporting Year 12 school leavers who are eligible for a post-school program that is based around getting ready for employment. 

Music as a source of relaxation

At Nova Transition to Work Hurstville, we've been researching and discussing the benefits of music. Music is an effective way of reducing negative emotions and boosting positive emotions. Listening to music, especially different types of music, has a permanent effect on our minds and bodies. Music helps to reduce the heart rate and blood pressure and also decreases levels of stress hormones. Different types of music assist individuals in different ways. Genres such as hip hop, reggae, rock and roll, jazz, pop and classical music all help to comfort people.

Focus on Ability 2016

For the 8th consecutive year, NOVA Employment has hosted the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival. It allows film directors from around the world to submit a short film (under 5 minutes long) that focuses on the ability of someone with a disability.

Disability and social life – how to get the best out of it

The NOVA Transition Caringbah group have put together some tips on not letting a disability get in the way of a great social life.

Sometimes having a disability can hinder you from doing certain things, especially when it comes to being social. Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the key contributors to having a better social life. This might include exploring your surroundings and local area and learning what is available for your age group.


Anthony's story, and tips on interacting with people with disabilities

At Nova Transition Engadine, trainees are encouraged to share their stories. Anthony was truly inspiring to the first-year trainees when he told us this story.

“When people find out I am autistic they focus on my disability not my ability. They start talking to me differently and they treat me differently. Not in a bad way, just different.

Campbelltown visits the local radio station

Campbelltown Nova Transition went on an exciting and atmospheric Industry visit to our local radio station, c91.3FM, on August 3, 2016.

We were taken on a tour throughout the station to meet all of the crew in the different departments and learn about their job roles.

NOVA Transition Blacktown looks towards the Paralympic Games

The NOVA Transition group at Blacktown recently talked about, and did some research on, the upcoming Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. We discovered that 160 Australians will be competing in these games, which will be held from the 7th to the 18th of September 2016.

Australia was very successful at the last Paralympics, which were held in London in 2012. We won 32 gold, 43 silver and 43 bronze medals across many different sports. Some of the Australian athletes who did especially well were:

Annaliese employed for over one year

Annaliese was a participant in NOVA Transition in 2014/2015. During this time, she developed into a mature and responsible young lady. She learnt many valuable skills such as choosing appropriate clothing for the workplace, how to travel on public transport and how to go for a job interview. In the video below, she tells us about what she learnt at NOVA Transition, her new life as an employee and how she has changed since being employed.

Sharks CEO visits Caringbah outlet

The Caringbah Transition to Work Program had a special visit from Lyall Gorman last month. Lyall Gorman is the Cronulla Sharks CEO and is currently overseeing 650 apartments being developed next to Shark Park which will secure the organisations financial viability. Lyall has a long career in sports management and is the former CEO of both the Central Coast Mariners and Western Sydney Wanderers.

Looking after ourselves

At Bankstown Transition to Work, we have a big focus on fitness, healthy eating and looking after ourselves. We are conscious of the fact that if we don’t feel good physically, it’s going to be harder to motivate ourselves to find and maintain employment. That’s why we practice our cooking skills on a regular basis, learn about healthy options for snacks and drinks and how to keep fit and healthy.

Last week we did an exercise where we had to feed 12 people on a budget of just $40. As a group of trainees we had to research recipes we would like to cook and then vote for the one we liked best.

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