Alysha - Dreaming of this job since she was ten years old …

For Alysha, the best part of working at a childcare centre is playing with the kids. ‘Their excitement rubs off on you. They all love the sandpit. I especially love teaching the kids how to ride bikes, and art. They can really express themselves through art,’ she says.

You’d have to say that working at ACDMA is Alysha’s dream job. Ever since she was in year 5, she has wanted to be a childcare worker. At part of NOVA Transition Ingleburn, she did work experience in a childcare centre, but she had already volunteered at her local school so knew what she was in for. 

One of the things she learnt through NOVA Transition was that work is not like school. Your work clothes need to be more professional than your school uniform and you’re treated like an adult in the workplace. The expectations are higher, which Alysha enjoys.

Alysha found the job coaches and employment consultants at NOVA Transition to be really helpful and friendly. ‘I used to be shy but I’m not any more. I wouldn’t talk to anyone but now I can talk to kids, parents, even people in the street. Transition really helps you start off. It builds your confidence. They’re amazing people.’ 

Having worked at ACDMA since September 2015, Alysha’s skills are developing well and the children love her. She is a vital part of the childcare team.

Want award-wage work in a job that you love?

To discuss your options, call NOVA Transition on 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).   

NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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