School Leaver Employment Support

SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme allows you to have choice and control over your supports. This means you get to choose the best provider for you.

NOVA Employment has provided employment-related disability supports to year-12 school leavers since 1990. Since then we’ve helped hundreds of young people with disability to find and keep a job in their job of choice. We provide all of the supports that help you to develop a working lifestyle, learn about the world of work, find work and be supported to stay in work.  

Stable employment leads to more independence for people with disability. With a good job, you meet friends through work and can afford more leisure options. If employment is one of your goals, please talk to us about your NDIS plan. We can discuss your plan while you’re still at school or after you’ve finished. 

What’s the link between SLES and Transition to Work?

NDIS SLES funding was originally based on the hugely successful NSW Transition to Work program that began in 2005.

NOVA Transition was the top generalist provider of the  program with excellent results since 2005. The majority of our graduates find a job in open employment within the general community.

What’s the difference between SLES and a Disability Employment Service (DES)?

SLES is a bundled package of supports for recent school leavers who need intensive support to transition from school to employment. A young person accessing SLES is generally not yet ready to work with a DES such as NOVA Employment.  

Even though NOVA Employment and NOVA Transition provide many of the same types of support, it is more intensive at NOVA Transition: trainees attend three days per week for up to two years. Towards the end of the second year our graduates typically find and keep a job in open employment. 

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