Equality and Harmony at NOVA Transition Bankstown

We run a collaborative and harmonious program at Bankstown NOVA Transition. All trainees have an equal say about how activities are run, giving them choice and control. NOVA Transition school leaver employment supports are designed specifically to enable trainees to find and keep a job. Key supports include:

Bankstown trainees love work experience. Through the various placements they gain a wide variety of workplace skills and learn about the different job options available to them. With the number of local businesses that support NOVA, we are able to offer our trainees placements in a diverse selection of workplaces. Industry visits are another favourite activity for our trainees.

Guest speakers also give our trainees an insight into the world of work. Along with industry visits and work placements, these help trainees to refine their employment goals.

Bankstown trainees are expected to wear neat and tidy clothes. In doing so, they practise being ready for work. They’re presentable for anything that may come up, such as a work experience interview, a guest speaker or an appointment with their employment consultant. It’s all part of supporting them to find and keep a job. 

The young men and women currently training to become job ready at NOVA Bankstown come from a diverse mix of cultural backgrounds, including Mauritian, Lebanese, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, as well as third-generation Australian. They get along splendidly, and love to discuss football, politics, current affairs, sports and general topics. 

Religious diversity is respected here at Bankstown, with practising Muslims, Christians and Buddhists among us. To better understand each other we’ve researched all of the trainees’ cultures and religions. This information is displayed on our project wall. As a group we talk about different cultural events and cook various dishes to celebrate each trainee’s significant cultural days and seasons. 

Want to focus your attention on finding employment?
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