Support at NOVA Transition

NOVA has one aim, to guide our participants into paid work that suits their choices, skills and abilities. We provide a range of supports to help you develop skills, gain experience and become independent. 

Personal Management Skills

such as understanding time, money, travel and how to dress for work. 


such as how to speak on the phone and the importance of listening well

Job Seeking & Industry Skills

such as how to match your interests to a job, how to write a resume and how to impress people at an interview

Work Experience Placements

 in a variety of different industries so that you can explore your options and choose the best job for you

Information & Support

 for planning your career and accessing useful services within the community

At NOVA Transition we teach young people skills to move from school to work – and from school to a more independent life. When you commit to employment as your goal, the benefits include:


We know you already have skills and interests. NOVA Transition guides you to develop these at your own pace to set achievable goals that will lead you towards the job of your choice.


NOVA Transition will teach you many skills required for work and life, including organising your day; setting your goals; talking to people in person and on the phone; travelling, cooking, computing and listening skills; writing resumes; applying for jobs and attending interviews.


Through NOVA’s broad range of real work experience, you’ll learn about the many different jobs and industries available. Work experience helps you learn which types of employment suits you. And guess what? Over 66% of our trainees gain open employment directly through work experience.


You’ll participate in a variety of work experience placements in a range of different jobs and industries. This will give you the opportunity to observe and experience what those jobs are really like. 

NOVA Employment is one of Australia’s leading specialist job-seeking agencies. NOVA has excellent links to community organisations and local businesses and, since 1990, has placed thousands of school leavers into work.

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