It’s hard to pick a highlight for the NOVA Transition Liverpool trainees

Work experience tops the list for Liverpool trainees when they talk about their favourite parts of NOVA Transition. In fact, work placements are central to Liverpool NOVA Transition’s package of school leaver employment supports (SLES) – they are key to many of our trainees finding and keeping a job. Other aspects the trainees enjoy include:

  • meeting new people
  • industry visits
  • learning from the job coaches
  • meeting NOVA’s CEO, Martin Wren.

The absolute highlight, though, is the graduation celebrations at the end of each year. In 2016, NOVA Transition placed 75 young people with disability into employment, all in award-wage work of their choice. Eight of them went into traineeships or apprenticeships. Meanwhile, a further seven went on to further education.

At NOVA Transition Liverpool, everyone is willing to put others before themselves to help those who need extra support. The trainees are also very enthusiastic to learn, eager to please and willing to take on any opportunities provided to them. 

These young people with barriers such as anxiety, mild intellectual disability, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder and ADHD are working hard to improve their listening and concentration skills, as well as their general motivation.

At Transition, we support trainees along the pathway to employment, helping them to develop:

  • job-seeking skills such as writing resumes and cover letters, and identifying goals
  • employment skills such as communication, planning an event and what not to do in the retail industry!

Other life skills they’re learning on the way to greater independence include:

  • personal skills, such as how to get organised, and how to manage stress and depression
  • food preparation skills
  • budgeting and money handling skills
  • travel skills such as trip planning and identifying the correct bus or train.

Watch this happy parent’s story to see how Liverpool NOVA Transition makes a difference in people’s lives.

Want real work experience to help you work out the job of your choice? 
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