Success Stories

Graduates from NOVA Transition find and keep jobs that they enjoy in all sorts of workplaces. In 2015, all of our participants found paid work or traineeships! That’s 100%. You can’t get better than that. At NOVA Transition, we listen to your needs and goals, and get to know your interests before suggesting the sort of work that might suit you. We also provide individual and group supports, like extensive training, and real work experience, to help you get there. You might want to learn a trade or work in administration. Customer service might be your focus. To see how past trainees now thrive in long-term work, click on an industry below, then read or watch their stories.

Praise for NOVA Transition

‘When Vince first got work, I was proud of his independence and developing his skills to be employable. NOVA Transition taught him a lot about what it meant to be a reliable employee. His language and social skills were always good. Being out and about is good for his mental and physical health. I wouldn’t have been happy had they put him in a sheltered workshop. I knew they would find a real job for him because I was watching all of the NOVA trainees in the year ahead of him moving into paid employment. All my children are contributing members of our society now.’

Gayle Mollusco, Vince’s mother

‘Nadia is learning to communicate better. Her understanding of what people mean has improved out of sight since she completed the NOVA Transition training in 2012. She’s been supported by NOVA at the restaurant ever since but now they only drop in every so often – that’s all they need to do – whereas at the start it was nearly full-time support. Her manual dexterity is better so she’s more useful to her workplace. NOVA also built her confidence. We needed someone from outside the family structure to guide her through all of this. NOVA Transition staff at Katoomba are understanding, passionate, honest and direct. They knew exactly how to deal with her erratic moods, which are hardly an issue any longer.’

Ray Watt, Nadia’s father

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