Care Work

We have many trainees per year entering into care professions, such as aged care, child care and disability. Please feel free to see our success stories below for more information 


Belinda – She’s a keeper Belinda’s favourite part of her job at Kid About in St Marys is cooking, but she gets to do all

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Alysha – Dreaming of this job since she was ten years old … For Alysha, the best part of working at a childcare centre is

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Katrina – Growing up through work Katrina graduated from Windsor NOVA Transition at the end of 2015 and started work in the kitchen and dining room at

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Jordan – Choose something you like Jordan really struggled at school and wasn’t too interested in NOVA Transition, where she started after she finished year

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Michaela – Proud worker, proud Mum During her second year at Ingleburn NOVA Transition, Michaela started working three days a week in a traineeship, through which

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Tayla – Nurturing confidence leads to job in chosen career ‘It took Tayla a while to find the job that she wanted in childcare. It was

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