Getting real about the world of work at NOVA Transition Parramatta

Our trainees at Parramatta NOVA Transition are eager to get jobs, and make sure they keep them. They’re very hardworking, and their friendly and helpful natures make them a pleasure to work with.

NOVA is dedicated to supporting people with all kinds of barriers to find work of their choice. We’re working hard at communication at Parramatta: some our trainees have difficulties with English or with clear pronunciation.

We’re all about looking at the whole picture at NOVA Transition. Along with specific job skills, we also focus on aspects that are important in finding and keeping a job. Our Parramatta trainees have worked on specific job skills, such as:

  • responding to interviews
  • appropriate clothes for work.

They’ve learned about various different industries, including issues such as:

  • workplace health and safety
  • fire drills.

We’ve also focussed on life skills including:

  • saving money and budgeting
  • how to converse with others in the workplace, which in turn develops social confidence.

Our trainees love getting to experience new places and new things. They enjoy doing lots of hard work, meeting new people and spending time learning about the world of work.

In 2016, NOVA Transition placed:

  • 75 young people with disability into employment, including 8 into traineeships or apprenticeships
  • 7 into further education.

All in award-wage work of their choice. 

Want support to become job-ready and find work you enjoy? 
Contact NOVA Transition – SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports)

144 Marsden Street,

Or call 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).

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