Productive and Valued at NOVA Transition Windsor

At Windsor NOVA Transition we guide and mentor young people to find and keep a job. But more than that: with the assistance of individual and group supports, our trainees become well-balanced individuals. They come to see themselves as lifelong productive and valued members of their community.

Windsor trainees show an immense desire to learn, doing their very best to overcome any barriers. They are cooperative and helpful in developing new ideas that support their training. They let staff know where they need assistance, and show their technical and creative talents – for example, in developing PowerPoint slides they use to learn. To say we are proud would be an understatement.

All of the young people at Windsor grow and develop while they transition from school to employment. Some of the achievements we have seen in the past three years include a trainee who:

  • used to walk through doorways backwards and speak no more than three consecutive words, but will now, most days, greet people with a smile, a handshake and speak in full sentences. On occasion he will read out loud with enthusiasm.

  • was very quiet and nervous and is now making significant progress in overcoming his fears, is a very effective communicator and is looking forward to the next stage.

  • was not able to decide on a realistic career path, but is now learning skills and building his network to meet his career goals. 

  • used to cry and curl up in the corner, and is now working and a valued team member in open employment. 

  • had never undertaken house duties, and now washes, dries, cleans and vacuums like a professional.

  • has found a great way to channel his special talent (recalling details of disasters) other than in regular conversation. He is able to converse about many other topics of interest. This former trainee is a real pleasure to spend time with and is an enthusiastic employee.


All of the Windsor graduates have found regular and sustained employment and have greater independence. One of our past trainees started out as a kitchen hand and has progressed to training as a general hand within the mechanical workshop of a tyre company. How great is that? For a broad understanding of the work experience offered by NOVA Transition, please watch this short video.

Like to become more productive and valued?
Contact NOVA Transition – SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports)

6 Kable St, Windsor 2756

Or call 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).

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