Breannon - Rising to the challenge of apprentice chef

Miranda RSL is pleased to have Breannon working as an apprentice chef for 38 hours per week. Her boss Andrew says she’s reliable, hard working and courteous and carries out all the tasks required of her in the kitchen. She also helps waiting staff if they’re busy.

Apart from the basics of preparing to get a job, like writing resumes, practising interviews and understanding employer expectations, being at NOVA Transition Engadine encouraged Breannon to get up earlier and start the day with enthusiasm.

Throughout the two-year training she became more confident and her personality is a lot more bubbly than before Transition. Her employment goal was to work in commercial coookery, so you could say that Breannon is already working in her dream job! She performed so well in her work trial that Miranda RSL took her on full time.

Breannon’s enthusiasm helps her meet the daily challenges at work. She looks forward to every day! To see some of this enthusiasm, check out what Breannon, her boss and her employment consultant have to say here.

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NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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