Chloe - Hospitality professional

Chloe graduated from NOVA Transition, St Marys in 2015 and soon found a job at her local Red Rooster. She learnt many things through the training and her work experience, but the highlights include leaning to write resumes, understanding customer service and becoming more confident.

Both the staff and customers are friendly at her workplace, and the job she most enjoys is working the cash register. Having a job has changed her life, and the best part about work for Chloe is not so much the money, but that work gives her something to look forward to. She works Thursdays and Fridays.

Highly recommending NOVA Transition to other school leavers, she advises that the program will teach you more about life and you’ll get a job out of it. She thanks the job coaches for believing in her.

Want to change your life through employment? 

To discuss your options, call NOVA Transition on 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).   

NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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