Christian - Persistence Pays off!

Christian had always wanted to work in a mailroom so the team at NOVA Transition organised a work-experience placement at NSW Fire and Rescue for one day per week.

During the one-month trial in general administration, Christian completed all the tasks given to him well within the allocated time frames. His roles included archiving diaries and journals from the fire stations around NSW and preparing them for storage.

His NOVA support staff also developed Christian’s capacity to travel independently and communicate politely. To Christian’s great delight, after his month’s trial was up, the placement was extended.

Through hard work and listening to instructions, soon Christian became one of the team and was given his own entry scanning and ID tag. Not long after that, the only support he required from NOVA staff was a phone call and occasional visit.

With Christian fully independent at this placement, including travelling, he started to learn the tasks of NSW Fire and Rescue mailroom. He continued to work hard and become a valued member of this team, and was offered a full-time position that started in January 2017. Well done, Christian!

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