Cody - Work helps develop confidence

If you head to Katoomba RSL you’re likely to be greeted by Cody. He’s almost part of the furniture, having worked as a doorman since 2011. His jobs include greeting people on arrival, helping them sign in and generally answering any questions patrons might have. It took about a year before Cody became completely comfortable with this role but now he revels in it.

Cody enjoys the company of his colleagues, who make him laugh, and the very friendly atmosphere of his workplace. Paid employment means he can take his family out for dinner, and buy more Christmas and birthday presents. To hear more about Cody’s work, watch this video.

In Katoomba’s NOVA Transition program, Cody learnt many skills, such as how to apply for different jobs and how to handle money. He also learnt how to get along with different people and improved his stress-management skills, which set him up extremely well to handle any difficult customers that come along. For Cody, the best aspects of Transition were being around friends, including both the trainees and the job coaches.

Cody’s boss, Nick, says Cody was a shy young man with no idea about customer service or the clubs industry when he first started at Katoomba RSL. Since then, his skills and confidence have increased such that he is a real asset to the club. 

Nick approaches NOVA Employment regularly for his staffing needs. ‘Just the other day I had two positions needing filling for a bus driver and a cleaner. Both positions were filled by NOVA. I currently have six NOVA-placed staff working at the club.’ He finds communication from both Outlet Manager Lyn White and CEO Martin Wren to be direct and consistent. 

During the several years NOVA and Katoomba RSL have worked together, they’ve earned one another’s respect and the respect of the community. Says Nick, ‘I’m happy to talk with employers who are considering using NOVA for their staffing needs. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for NOVA.’

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NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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