Dylan - Work, rest and play for Dylan

Dylan is a great example of the shift in circumstance NOVA Transition trainees can experience during the two-year program.

When Dylan arrived at NOVA Transition Caringbah he suffered severe anxiety, had few social connections and was unable to travel independently. Now, not only does he travel independently, he also effectively manages the anxiety.

And he’s got the trifecta – work, rest and play! Dylan works two days a week at the local RSL club, attends two weekly social groups, and is in the process of writing a novel.

On finding award-wage employment, Dylan said, “It was a simple interview and I had the skills so I got the job, just like that.” But, jokes aside, he also realises it was not that simple. “When I first came to NOVA I was not the same person I am now. I’ve built up. I’ve got dreams and ambitions.” He says that if anyone else needs help with finding a good job, come to NOVA: they will help you.

Dylan’s mother Karen is very proud of her son and has become something of a NOVA advocate, speaking at various public events, such as the Focus On Ability short film festival in 2016. You can hear more about how NOVA helped Dylan in this video

Want to work, rest and play, like Dylan?

To discuss your options, call NOVA Transition on 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).   

NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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