Jarad - Broadening his horizons

Jarad had never considered working in a cafe, so he wasn’t too sure about the idea of a traineeship at Cafe Y. ‘Doing work experience there through NOVA opened him up to it,’ explains his mum, Lexie. ‘Initially he was like “no, no, no”, then once he started work experience, “maybe this isn’t too bad; this is quite good” and now he’s loving it.’

The wide variety of work experience placements during Jarad’s time at Transition broadened his horizons, according to Lexie. ‘I don’t think he was really sure of what was out there, what he wanted to do. They were so good with finding different things for him to try. I think it gave him more confidence to go out and do things.’

During Transition and now at work, Jarad has been able to try new challenges in a supportive environment. ‘He had to do the work experience and speak to people that he didn’t normally speak to. It’s really promoted that people ability,’ explains Lexie. ‘And learning new skills: he’s doing quite good at cooking, learning to do pretty good hamburgers and sandwiches. These are things that he never thought he would look at doing. I think he never knew the skills he could learn.’

Travel training has been another important aspect. ‘NOVA were so good with getting him to places: showing him how to get there the first few times – and then him getting there himself,’ she says.

‘My husband and I have stressed about what will be his future. High school is so protected: they’re still kids. It’s that growing up part that we had been so fearful of. NOVA has been a really good choice for him. The support – the continued support – from NOVA has been really, really good: checking up how he’s going and assisting with anything. We’ve been really quite grateful for the opportunity to go through the program. It’s been really good.’

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