Jordan - NOVA prepares him for the world of work

Jordan was so ready for work at the beginning of his second year at NOVA Transition that he was placed into a full-time office-administration position in May. NOVA ensures that young people with disability get all the time they need to become work ready. We don’t hold you back and we don’t rush you. Job coaches get to know trainees well enough to help you decide when the time is right.

Various work-experience placements give trainees insight into the conditions and expectations of a broad range of industries, as well as improve their own understanding of their skills and interests. Jordan got his full-time work through such a placement.

Of the news that he’d found a position, Jordan’s mother, Ann, says, ‘It was brilliant news! He’d been doing work-experience there one day a week for two weeks and that’s when the employer said, “Actually, we do need somebody.” We were expecting reduced hours, but they offered him full time, which he’s loving.’

‘It wouldn’t have happened without NOVA’s gentle persistence,’ continues Ann. ‘He gets very stressed in new situations or surroundings, but NOVA helped him stretch his comfort zone. He excelled within the first three or four months of being there.’

Now, several months later, Jordan’s family is preparing to move to England, and he’s heading into the world of work with full-time experience behind him.

Watch Jordan’s story in this video.


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NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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