Kallina - From quiet to working in communication!

As part of NOVA Transition St Marys, Kallina completed work-experience placements in retail, computers and administration. She enjoyed being part of a team but these roles didn’t quite suit her.

When Kallina first started with NOVA in 2015, she was very shy and didn’t speak in public. However, by her second year in the program, her confidence and communication had improved so much that she started looking for work involving communication!

Kallina has Cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility so has quite a few barriers to overcome on a daily basis. So one day when she saw on the TV news two girls saying that they didn’t want to work and were happy to get payments from Centrelink, Kallina was not happy! She didn’t think it fair that there were people with disability who desperately wanted a job while people who don’t have disability don’t want to do anything.

This made her more determined to find employment. And the determination paid off! She now works with a charity as their spokesperson.

‘NOVA’s program helped me find work through work experience and extending on the skills I had,’ Kallina said. ‘NOVA were really good. I’ve even learnt how to travel independently a little bit.’

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NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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