Kamran - Work experience turns into paid employment

When Kamran learnt that his work experience had turned into paid employment, he was relieved and happy, in fact he was over the moon! Over the past few months, he’s been learning many different aspects of the business at Punchys Gym, including administration, personal training and customer service. He enjoys being sporty and getting sweaty, so this is the perfect role for Kamran.

During Hurstville’s NOVA Transition program, Kamran learned many skills that set him up for the workforce, including how to impress potential employers through his resume and in person. Of course, he says, you also need to impress them on the job by working hard and asking questions when you’re unsure. His time at NOVA Transition and his position at Punchys has made Kamran feel much more confident. To hear more about how Kamran realised his dreams, watch this video.

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NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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