Ken - Confident, happy, and working

Ken was ‘somewhere between happy and overwhelmed’ when he first heard that he had gained employment at a local cafe as a kitchen hand. He was busy doing work experience and his employer liked him so much that they turned it into a paid position. (Through NOVA, many work-experience placements turn into paid work.)

According to his former teacher, Sophie, when Ken left school two years ago, he lacked self-confidence and had no aspirations about ever having a job. Yet, after his two years at NOVA Transition, Sophie sees a very different man. ‘He seems so happy now,’ she says. ‘We always knew he had it in him, but NOVA helped draw it out.’

This is what NOVA does well. No matter your ability or disability, NOVA strives to learn about your needs, goals and dreams to match these to work of your choice. Work is too important not to enjoy getting up and going there every day. Ken particularly likes preparing the vegetables for cooking.

Ken’s the first to admit that he was a challenging trainee in his two years at NOVA Transition at Hurstville. But his reluctance was met with coaxing and support from his job coaches so that now he’s a willing worker in a job he enjoys! To learn more about Ken’s story, watch this video.

Would you like to be happy, confident and working too?  

To discuss your options, call NOVA Transition on 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).  

NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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