Michaela - Proud worker, proud Mum

During her second year at Ingleburn NOVA Transition, Michaela started working three days a week in a traineeship, through which she’ll gain her Certificate III in Childcare. It was a busy time and hard work, but now she and her mother, Maria, couldn’t be more proud.

When Michaela first got the job, Maria burst into tears. ‘She’d been struggling to find a job and was being knocked back job after job. Negativity all the time,’ Maria says. ‘But she’s been there several months now and they’re really loving her.’

Working in an award-wage job that she enjoys, Michaela is developing more confidence, earning money and learning lots. But it affects her life in other ways, too. Maria says: ‘Sitting around the table at dinner every night, she feels she can participate more in the daily conversation with the family. She’s also learnt more about authority, and punctuality; and she’s sticking to the job and doing it.’ 

Specific aspects of NOVA Transition that helped Michaela find a career were the extensive work-experience program and persistent assistance with travel training.

The number of friends Michaela has made through NOVA Transition is also rewarding. When they first arrived, she and her mum felt welcomed into a ‘beautiful NOVA family’, which, even though Michaela can’t visit quite so often now she’s at work, continues to this day.

Watch this video for more of Michaela’s story. 

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NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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