NADIA - A sparkle in her eyes

Being an ex-teacher, Ray was very careful choosing the program most likely to improve his daughter Nadia’s prospects for employment. At NOVA Katoomba, he found trained and passionate staff committed to getting to know Nadia. They also helped her identify, develop and achieve her employment goals through exposing her to plenty of work-experience opportunities. He was ecstatic when she found a job at a local restaurant where she washes up, serves customers and clears tables. She also makes biscuits that have become so popular they’re now being sold in packets, not just given away with coffee! 

Ray is really proud of her achievements, including that she’s ‘holding her own’ in the workplace. During Nadia’s time at NOVA Transition and in paid employment, Ray’s seen her improve in communication, manual dexterity and the capacity to handle her own emotions. He says NOVA Transition has given his daughter a real sparkle in her eyes.

Do you want support from trained, passionate and committed staff to find your dream job? 

To discuss your options, call NOVA Transition on 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).   

NOVA Transition accepts NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports.

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