Riley - A valued staff member

‘I just felt amazed that they would accept me,’ said Riley about being offered a job at Snap Printing. Clearly, Riley was more valuable than he had imagined: in fact, his boss, Peter, had created a position so that he could stay on at the business after completing work experience there.

‘Riley is very good at routine, and once he knows the routine he sticks to it pretty well. For example, every morning a courier brings in jobs from our factory and Riley knows that he’s got to grab them before anyone else does and unpack them; check them for quality control – he’s very good at quality control – he picks up stuff that I wouldn’t pick up,’ Peter says.

‘We have artwork filing to do every day, and he just gets on and does it. And he now knows that if there is nothing for him to do, he just has to find stuff and he’s become quite good at that. Like, even though it probably does go beyond his job description, he’ll check to see if there’s enough milk in the fridge for coffee and things; and he‘ll say, “I’ve noticed there’s not enough milk, I’ll go buy some milk.” When he’s not here, we think, “If only Riley was here he could do this, or he could do that.”’

‘It’s like a really happy workplace,’ says Riley. ‘I suppose I think we’re passionate to do what we’re doing and we try to be successful; our very best.’

Riley’s mum, Neriyam has noticed how much he has matured. ‘Lately he always asks me, “Oh Mum, how’s your day?”’ she relates with obvious happiness.

As for being at Rouse Hill NOVA Transition, Riley says it helped him build up his skills and develop a better understanding of what he needed to do to get a job and keep a career up. He mentions the variety of activities at Transition, including learning skills, work experience and going out to see the different industries.


‘They gave me life skills and advice; things I listened to and took to heart. For example, interview skills like remaining positive – trying to make your negatives a positive: turn slow worker into careful worker,’ he says.

‘At Transition, it feels like you have someone who “gets it”; and even after Transition you still have support from them, regardless.’ 

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