Childcare - a dream job for three young trainees

For three NOVA Transition graduates, their dreams of working in childcare have come true.

In choosing their preferred work area, Tayla, Danielle and Michaela all knew they wanted to work with people, and were keen on childcare. But identifying their career goal was only the first step. It took determination, persistence and hard work for each of the girls to find employment – and support from NOVA every step of the way.

For Michaela, that support included helping her to:

  • understand what she needed to do
  • present herself professionally for interviews and work experience
  • travel independently.

NOVA’s attitude was different, according to Tayla’s mum, Karen. Tayla had previously tried other employment services, but only NOVA ‘were confident that she could get the job that she actually wanted. They built her confidence, and helped her become proud of herself in everything she achieved slowly along the way.’

Work experience

Work experience was important for the girls to get hands-on practice. It allowed them to find out what working in childcare was really like: as well as playing and singing with children, you need to change nappies, clean (a lot!) and be patient. 

It also enabled them to meet potential employers. Like many NOVA Transition trainees, Danielle got her job through a work-experience placement. Now, with training from her employer, Danielle is becoming more skilled at working with very young children. In fact, Danielle and Michaela now have traineeships in childcare, which will give them further qualifications, better job security, and better pay.

Dream vs reality

So now the girls have settled into their jobs, how does reality stack up against the dream? ‘Tayla has just blossomed’, says Karen. And her employer is so happy with her that they’ve given her extra hours. Tayla says she loves working with the kids and enjoying the environment. ‘There’s nothing that I don’t like. There’s a lot of cleaning but that goes with it so that’s alright.’

Danielle’s supervisor is impressed by her calm and friendly nature in what can be a stressful job. Danielle loves teaching the babies colours and numbers, and doing lots of singing! Michaela also loves teaching the children things like ABC, counting and reading. According to her supervisor, she’s a great asset to the team who has an amazing relationship with the children. 

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