Let's Get Working

Let’s be honest: there’s a lot to getting a job. Before you can walk in that door as an employee, you’ll need to:

  • figure out what sort of job will suit you
  • get some training (unless you are already able to do the job)
  • apply for positions – this might be by:
    • responding to an advertisement
    • talking with people about what work they have available
  • write resumes and cover letters
  • convince an interviewer that you’re the person for the job.

Phew! It can be a tough gig. NOVA Transition is here to support you along the path to employment. A valuable resource is NOVA Employment’s Let’s Get Working website, which is packed with practical tips and advice for job seekers.

Steven is the face of Let’s Get Working. He covers a wide range of topics, such as:

  • how to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question in an interview
  • how to gain confidence (and look confident) during the job hunting process
  • whether (or when) to tell a potential employer about your disability
  • setting a budget – spending that pay cheque wisely!

Many of the topics relate to getting a job – from personal presentation and writing resumes, to how to stay positive. Others focus on working well in your job – for example, making the end of the work day productive.

Steven delivers each blog post in a video, as well as in written format, so you can choose whether to read it or watch and listen.

You’ll find lots more information on the website’s ‘Resources’ page, organised into topics such as:

  • What career do you want?
  • How to apply for jobs
  • Interviews
  • Tips for job seekers with disabilities
  • Goal setting
  • and more!

The Resources page also includes a ‘Talking to the experts’ section, where Martha interviews workers about their jobs; plus links to each blog post – both recent, and archived older posts.

Check out Let’s Get Working: you may find just the information you need – and plenty of inspiration as well!

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