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NOVA Employment Consultants (ECs) are important in helping NOVA Transition trainees to get our first job. They start getting to know us at the end of our first year at NOVA so they can better understand our skills and abilities and what jobs we’re interested in. We thought it might be fun to get to know them better too! So we interviewed EC Andrew Abrahams from NOVA’s Campbelltown office.

TraineesWhat is the role of an employment consultant?

Andrew: To help people find and keep long term employment.

TraineesHow do you handle the pressure that comes with your job?

Andrew: Focusing on the big picture. Once we find a job for you guys it’s all worth it – that’s the most rewarding thing.

TraineesWhat was your first job?

Andrew: Hmmm, while I was at school I worked at a real estate on Saturdays from about 9am until about 1 or 2pm. I used to get $20 for the whole day – I used to think that was so good then though! What’s that – about $4 or $5 an hour? (Laughs)

TraineesHow long have you worked at NOVA?

Andrew: Nearly three years.

TraineesWhat is your favourite part of being an employment consultant?

Andrew: Definitely placing clients and helping them to stay in their jobs. It’s also always interesting to see how different businesses work, and learn about so many different kinds of jobs.

TraineesWhat is the hardest part of your job?

Andrew: When employers don’t understand disabilities and they may have expectations that are too high. I don’t mind explaining to them and answering their questions – in fact I like doing that, but it can be hard at first.

TraineesWhat is the worst part of your job?

Andrew: Two words: paper. work.

TraineesHow many clients have you placed into work?

Andrew: Roughly 50? Maybe more. I’d have to check.

TraineesWhat is the hardest work you’ve done?

Andrew: I once, supported a client who restores pools. He was working on a rooftop apartment pool about four stories up. Part of the job was carrying buckets of resin up the four stories of scaffolding. That was hard! As you can see I’m not that much of a physical guy! (Laughs)

TraineesWhat is the coolest job you’ve placed someone in?

Andrew: Probably this pizza place nearby. I like food prep, and it’s always cool when you’re having fun supporting a client.

TraineesWhat is the weirdest job you’ve placed someone in?

Andrew: Probably that guy restoring pools. It’s really weird being inside an empty pool.

TraineesWhat do you like about working with Transition trainees when you help them to move into work?

Andrew: They have lots of work experience in lots of industries. You guys taste everything and find out what you want to do. You have experience in what you want and mostly you have a good clear direction by the time you come to us. It’s cool seeing you at the beginning of the two years and how much you’ve experienced and grown by the end.

TraineesWhat is the hardest skill to teach clients?

Andrew: When I place a client (into work) I want them to be there for a long time; I want them to enjoy it. So teaching the importance of an achievable realistic, suitable and sustainable job is hard but really important.

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