Getting technical at the Microsoft store

Learning about technology is an important component of NOVA Transition training. But at Richmond and Windsor NOVA Transition, we learned about much more than technology on a recent industry visit to the Microsoft Flagship Store.

Before we even began to look at Microsoft products, we practised our travel training to get into the city, and then had to negotiate the hustle and bustle of Pitt Street Mall.

When we arrived at the store we were given a card on a lanyard with activities to explore the different products. As we moved around the store, we tried:

  • using a stylus
  • Xbox
  • virtual reality gaming
  • take a selfie with the logo
  • using Surface Pro
  • investigating the Office suite. 

We received a t-shirt for completing all activities and had lots of fun along the way.

Then we went into the training room and learnt the fundamentals of:

  • Windows 10 – what’s new, and how to:
    •  use multiple desktops
    •  transfer data across devices.
  • Word – how to:
    • use templates
    • insert pictures easily
    • use the tool bars especially to correct spelling and grammar
    • create a professional email.
  • Outlook:
    •  how to create folders
    • the importance of filing messages
    • why your email address is important.
  • Cyber Security – how to:
    • spot a phishing email
    • keep ourselves safe using social media
    • spot a fraudulent caller.

Having time to play with the products was a great way to learn, stay up to date with technology and get a sense of the many things you can use it for.

Before we left, we were given even more freebies: Xbox sunglasses and a pencil case or a notebook.

It was fun to spend the day with the trainees from Windsor and we are looking forward to spending more time with them at our upcoming social.

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