Workplace diversity is good for productivity

Diversity in the workplace is good for all of us, because we learn about other values, foods, cultures and the many different ways people choose to live their lives.

Diversity is also good for workplaces. NOVA’s CEO, Martin Wren, explains why here.

Did you read it? It’s a long list!

For example, did you know that people who work in diverse (also known as ‘inclusive’) workplaces take less sick leave? That’s good for productivity! People in diverse workplaces have higher levels of health and wellbeing, and care more about the success of the business they’re working in. That’s also good for productivity!

In fact, research tells us that diverse workplaces are more robust, healthier and function better than workplaces made up of the same sort of people.

Even so, creating a diverse workplace is often not a hiring employer’s top priority. Businesses are busy places. And first and foremost, companies need to hire the best person for the role. Job seekers’ skills and experience must match the needs of the employer.

Employers may be reluctant to hire a person with a disability because they mistakenly assume that person does not have the required skills and experience. But, especially if they hire through NOVA Transition, they needn’t worry. 

NOVA makes sure that young people with disability:

  • understand employer expectations
  • learn appropriate workplace communication and behaviour
  • know their skills and limitations
  • are matched to the right role in the right workplace
  • are supported in the workplace in the right way and for as long as they need it.

If you are an employer who wants a stronger, happier, healthier workplace, hire a NOVA Transition graduate today!

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