A ‘never give up’ attitude sees plenty of NOVA Transition Ingleburn graduates in work

At NOVA Transition Ingleburn, our trainees learn so much during their two years here, that they come out in a great position to find and keep a job. Just some of the things they have been practising include: 

  • Computer skills, such as typing up resumes and using Microsoft Office
  • Living skills, such as cooking healthy meals, which leads to greater independence
  • Personal skills, such as being confident enough to use their voice. 

NOVA Transition provides a comprehensive range of individual and group supports to help trainees achieve their goals. An important one is work experience. Trainees’ many work experience placements teach them about workplace expectations, including good presentation, arriving on time and working hard. Their work experience placements this year have taken them to a variety of local businesses and organisations, big and small.

The trainees enjoy hearing about how past graduates now have jobs that they enjoy, including in childcaretrades and administration. This is a real inspiration to them. Around 65% of NOVA Transition trainees gain paid employment via work experience, so it pays to do a good job! 

One of the strengths of the Ingleburn group is determination. They believe that they can’t lose if they never give up! It’s this attitude that helps them through any barriers to work that come up. Currently, they’re working particularly hard on their reading and writing skills. 

Want to join the many successful Ingleburn trainees who have found employment? 
Contact NOVA Transition – SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports)

Shop 3a/3b
3 Ingleburn Rd

Or call 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).

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