NOVA Transition Katoomba — small and warm is how we like it

NOVA Transition has been helping young people with disability in Katoomba to find and keep a job since 2007.

Our small groups mean we can get to know one another well and forge close friendships. If this closeness ever becomes tense, we know what to do! We learn about how to cope professionally with colleagues in a working environment.

Katoomba’s Pathways to Employment days are always successful with our trainees showcasing their abilities: greeting people, serving food and drinks, delivering speeches and highlighting the work they have done through PowerPoint presentations. 

We’ve also worked on a local newsletter from our outlet. The trainees interviewed people, and wrote stories about what was happening at the outlet, such as new staff starting, and cooking mishaps. Using the concept of a news review, we also provided a crossword using questions and answers from the newsletter.

Our trainees enjoy the balance between having a good time at NOVA Transition and doing the work. The trainees have some choice and control when it comes to how the program and activities are run. For example, to check if a word is correct, we might choose to play hangman as this can help with spelling and word recognition.

We celebrate all kinds of milestones with our trainees. Often before they start looking for work, our trainees need to grow in confidence and try things they haven’t tried before. As well as helping them reach their employment goals, this also fosters independence.

In the mountains people know and respect NOVA and are happy to discuss the program and possible work experience opportunities. Many great businesses are more than supportive in giving the trainees experience in different fields of work. A number of our trainees have found work through their work experience. 

Would you like to work in your local area? 
Contact NOVA Transition – SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports)

Shops 3 & 4
23–27 Cascade Street

Or call 1300 Ability (1300 224 548).

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