Respect and encouragement help NOVA trainees achieve

Trainees at NOVA Transition in Rockdale are punctual, friendly and willing to learn. They respect each other and encourage one another to do their best work.

Among our trainees, we have young people with a wide range of barriers, including, cerebral palsy, ADHD, depression and anxiety, speech and developmental delay, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, and Asperger’s. Despite, or perhaps because of, this wide variety of disabilities, our trainees really enjoy talking to and getting along with one another. In particular, this year they have learnt to not interrupt when others are talking.

Work placements are are one of the best parts of NOVA Transition for the Rockdale group. Trainees have enjoyed work experience with a variety of employers, including retail, hospitality, trades, admin, large organisations and small business. Many of our past trainees have been able to find and keep a job through their work experience placements. At NOVA Transition, we recognise the importance of work experience in your employment plan.

Our school leaver employment supports (SLES) cover all aspects of finding and keeping a job – including support to develop greater independence. So, for example, our trainees learn about preparing food, getting around by public transport, managing money, and getting on with others.

Aspects of NOVA Transition that our Rockdale trainees particularly enjoy include:

  • making friends
  • computer training
  • learning how to travel on buses and trains
  • learning about different industries
  • learning how to get a job, writing resumes and cover letters
  • learning social skills, such as eye contact, a good handshake and good listening, helping others and how to make friends
  • personal organisation skills, like budgeting, time management and how to stay safe
  • news reviews
  • working with other people
  • online typing programs that test your pace and accuracy.

Would you like to find and keep work that you enjoy?
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